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Car Diagnostic Tools

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GPS Signal Shield Jammer Blocker

$7 Ex Tax: $7

GPS Signal Shield Jammer Blocker Prevent Track Positioning Car Cigarette Lighter - BlackKey Features...Effectively prevent the GPS locator tracking.Can interfere all GPS satellite signals, and secure your privacy and safety.Does not affect the normal uses of phones and other electronic devices when working.Equipped with a DC 12V fuse.Portable size, high power and large coverage.Suitable for the ca..

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (Built-in)

$77 Ex Tax: $77

T601 TPMS Sensor Tire Pressure Monitoring System Universal Wireless Real-time Displays TPMS (Built-in)Solar and mini USB interface power connection, 4 built-in sensors.Real-time highly accurate tire temperature and pressure, four rounds of data are displayed.Fuel-saving, predicting air leakage, extending tire service life, balancing tire pressure and ensuring driving safety.Each sensor has a separ..

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